Thrive Coach Training

Module 22: Thrive Coach Certification


There are five core elements to the Thrive Coach Certification Process:

1. Contact Hours

Each Thrive Coach Trainee must complete 30 contact hours. This is documented by your Thrive Coach Trainers.

2. Practicum Hours

The coaching practicum is an opportunity for you to practice your coaching with the tools you have learned.  You should be practicing the tools with your regular participants that you interact with in your organization.  If you are in a supervisory role, you can practice with your staff and also other contacts you have in and outside of the workplace.  These may be friends, family members or colleagues. Also, your Thrive Coach will meet with you periodically during the practicum process to check in and provide you with additional practice opportunities (download the Practicum Call file to learn more about these sessions).  You will complete 20 practicum hours prior to entering the certification process.  You should use the Practicum Log to record your sessions.  This log is downloadable within this module.

Another resource that you can use to help structure your practicum coaching sessions is the Thrive Coaching Guidance file.  This document is also downloadable within this module.

Practicum downloadable materials:

3. Written Reflection

Upon successful completion of their contact and practicum hours, each Thrive Coach Trainee will be asked to complete a written reflection about one or two coaching scenarios. The written response is required to be one page only and Trainees may refer to their notes and training materials. The written reflection instructions and coaching scenarios will be emailed to the Thrive Coach Trainee on Friday at 12:00pm local time of a mutually agreed date and each Trainee will be given one week to complete their written reflection, with submission due by Friday at 12:00pm the following week.

4. Live Coaching Session

At the same time as scheduling their Written Reflection, each Thrive Coach Trainee will also schedule their Live Coaching Session with their Thrive Coach Trainer. Each Live Coaching Session will last one hour and each Trainee must coach their Thrive Coach Trainer on the issue of the Trainer’s choice. A second Thrive Coach will observe the coaching session and the session may be recorded.

5. Thrive Nation Code of Ethics (download code of ethics document here)

Upon successful completion of all Certification requirements, each Thrive Coach Trainee will be asked to sign Thrive Nation’s Code of Ethics. This document is both a sacred and practical commitment by each Thrive Coach to uphold the highest integrity of themselves and Thrive Nation while coaching young adults and to ensure at all times the care and positive progress of any young adults they coach. Upon returning their signed Code of Ethics document, each Trainee will be awarded a Thrive Coach Certificate and receive a celebratory call from Rick Schreiber or Wendy Battino, Thrive Nation’s Co-Founders. Thrive Coaches will be part of a fantastic coach community around the country and will have access to free, ongoing Continuing Education calls to continually update their coaching knowledge and continue to grow as a coach. Each Thrive Coach must attend at least one event per year to maintain their Certification and connection across the Thrive Nation nation.

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