Thrive Coach Training

Module 11: Tool #10 My Mojo


The purpose of the My Mojo tool is to empower your Thriver to:


Invite your Thriver to make a list of all of the activities that he or she undertakes within a week. This can be big / long activities or even little / short activities.

Ask your Thriver to write next to each activity if that activity builds their energy or depletes it.

Looking at each of the building and depleting activities, are there any:

  -  of the building activities that your Thriver wants to do more of?

  -  of the depleting activities that your Thriver can let go of?

Also, are there any new building activities that your Thriver can substitute for any of the depleting activities?

You can use the Action Brainstorming tool alongside the My Mojo tool if you want.

As with the Action Brainstorming tool, it’s important with the My Mojo tool that your Thriver does not feel bad about him or herself for any activities that they identify as depleting. Sometimes there are depleting activities that are a natural part of life and it’s a case of balancing them. Sometimes there are depleting activities that we do that are harmful and we do them to avoid suffering or make ourselves feel better.

The My Mojo tool is not about your Thriver judging or critizing him or herself. It’s about becoming aware so that your Thriver can put in place practices and undertake activities that truly build their mojo for their highest expression as human beings.

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