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Module 8: Tool #7 My Wheel of Life


The purpose of the Wheel of Life tool is to invite your Thriver to reflect on the different areas of their life and how balanced they are feeling a) within each area and b) around the wheel as a whole. The point here is to empower your Thriver to become fully aware of the different areas in their life and to set positive goals and take positive action to achieve greater balance in each of the areas and their lives as a whole.


The first part of this exercise involves creating a Wheel of Life with your Thriver.

The Wheel to the right shows 8 key areas:

1.  Home

2.  Family

3.  Friends

4.  Relationship (boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, married etc.)

5.  Fun & Leisure (including passions and hobbies)

6.  Education & Learning

7.  Finances / Money

8.  Work / Career

You can certainly suggest these 8 areas to your Thriver, but it is very important that the Thriver feels that they Wheel they create is right for them.

Once you have agreed what the 8 areas are, ask your Thriver to think about each area and what success or joy in that area looks like for them.

Then, using a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 10 (fully satisfied), ask your Thriver to select a value for each of the 8 areas.

Once your Thriver has selected a value for each area, ask him or her to draw a new circle so your Thriver can see what their Wheel of Life circle looks like right now. The values your Thriver has selected can then serve as the springboard for further coaching, goal-setting and action-taking. Use it as a friendly guide and above all, have fun with it!

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