Thrive Coach Training

Module 7: Tool #6 My Values


The purpose of the My Values tool is to help your Thriver become aware of their own personal values. It could be that your Thriver is already very clear about the values they hold dear and live their life by, in which case this tool will serve as a powerful confirmation of their values. However, it could be that your Thriver is not yet fully aware of their own personal values, in which case this tool will help them to get clear about what their values are and how they can start to use their values as a strong and steadfast guide to help them set their life course and achieve their goals and dreams.


At the bottom is a list of 89 values. (This list is a starting point only. It is definitely not exhaustive!)

Give this list to your Thriver and ask him or her to choose 5-10 values that resonate

If there is a value that does not appear on this list that your Thriver wants to include, then ask them to write it in.

Once your Thriver has selected their values, delve into each value, asking:

Why your Thriver selected it

What it means to them in their life

What goals they want to set that align with their values

What action they want to take to better and more fully live their values

Values are those deepest elements that ground us in our lives. In helping your Thriver to know their own values, you can empower them to better know themselves and take conscious action to living their life in a value-aligned way.

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