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Module 14: Tool #13 My Thrive Heroes and Heroines


The purpose of the My Thrive Heroes & Heroines tool is to empower the Thrivers you coach to identify the heroes and heroines or the positive role models in their world. This is so they have a ‘guiding light’ in their life and can ‘call on’ their heroes or heroines at any time (in their minds) to help them move forward with their lives and achieve their goals.

Some of your Thrivers may not have many positive role models in their lives, so inviting your Thrivers to identify real life people can be a powerful way to help them see that they too can realize their highest and truest potential.


Invite your Thriver to think about all of the current people in their life and identify who, of any of them, they would consider a hero or heroine.

Ask your Thriver why they consider this person a hero or heroine. What quality is it that this person demonstrates? What actions do they take? Is there something else in particular that your Thriver admires about this person? If yes, what is it and why?

Also ask your Thriver to ‘cast their net wider’ and identify other heroes and heroines in real life that they particularly admire and look up to. Who are they? Ask your Thriver why it is that they chose this person? What quality or action or behavior does this person demonstrate?

Once your Thriver has done this, invite your Thriver to become aware that all of the qualities that they have named in their heroes and heroines also exists within them. Their heroes and heroines are mirroring the positive qualities that exist within your Thriver. Invite your Thriver to write all of these qualities down and to look at this list every day. This will help to reaffirm the goodness and potential within your Thriver and their ability to express their highest and best self.

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