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Module 20: Tool #19 Whose Business Am I In


The purpose of the ‘Whose Business Am I In?’ tool is to help your Thriver see what is their ‘business’ and what is the rest of the world’s ‘business’ so that he or she can understand a) where their point of power is and b) how they can disconnect from or let go of anyone else’s business.

This will help your Thriver to take responsibility for their own life and choices and to recognize too that the only business that is theirs is only ever their own, not anyone else’s.

This tool also comes out of The Work of Byron Katie and you can find a blog post about it here:


Share with your Thriver that there are only ever three kinds of ‘business’ in the entire universe:

1)  My business: If your Thriver is angry at a friend, that is your Thriver’s business. (This is a great opportunity to do The Work as the anger is reflecting some kind of judgement about the friend.)

2)  Your business: If your Thriver’s friend has said something or behaved a certain way, that is the friend’s business.

3)  God’s business: If an earthquake or flood happens, that is God’s business.

The point here is to help your Thriver recognize that their point of power lies with anything relating to their own business.

We cannot control anyone else and we certainly cannot control the weather (or any of God’s other business). If, however, we tend to our own business and use The Work for any of our business that is causing us stress or suffering, then we will shift from blame and judgement to freedom and positive action.

The only life your Thriver can live is their own!

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