Thrive Coach Training

Module 1: Welcome & Purpose

Welcome to your very own Thrive Nation Thrive Coach Training Kit. We are delighted that you are part of the Thrive Nation team and that you too are excited and committed to helping young adults thrive.

The objectives of Module 1 are understanding:  

This will allow all Thrive Coaches to learn and apply the Thrive Nation coaching framework and coaching tools in a consistent way. It will also allow you to continue to master each of the tools over time by providing you a single reference point for all of the coaching framework elements and coaching tools.

As you already know, coaching is as much a science as it is an art. Using the coaching tools contained in this Toolbox is not about applying the same perspective sequence with each young adult - Thriver - you coach. No two Thrivers are the same, so no two coaching experiences will be the same.

In this way, this Kit will enable you to exact the science of coaching through the mastery of the framework and tools, whilst also using your own intuition to select those framework elements and tools to use with each Thriver at any given point in your coaching journey together.

We are all here to help young adults thrive with passion and accountability for their strengths, wellness, community and future and this Kit is here to help you do just that. Refer to it as a robust, detailed resource and let it also be your loyal, compassionate friend who will always have your back. Thrive on!

Forms, Material and Additional Reading

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