Thrive Coach Training

Module 13: Tool #12 My Thrive Space


The purpose of the My Thrive Space tool is to support your Thriver in exploring and defining what their ideal space looks like.

This is to help them a) take small, active steps towards making their Thrive Space a reality right now and b) setting goals to continue to build their Thrive Space in the future.


Invite your Thriver to take a mental ‘inventory’ of their current home or room and what it looks like.

It can be especially helpful if your Thriver makes a list of their room and the various rooms in the house or apartment they are living in.

Ask your Thriver to walk through each room in their mind and identify what objects and what aspects of each room make them feel a) good and b) bad.

Are there any ‘top priority’ objects of characteristics that your Thriver wants to add to their ideal Thrive Space? Ask your Thriver to write these down.

Now ask your Thriver to identify anything else that is not currently in their room or the house or apartment they are living in that they would want to add.

Finally, ask your Thriver what active steps he or she can take to continue creating their ideal Thrive Space. This can include letting go of existing items. It does not have to mean buying a whole load of new items. A few small new items or moving existing objects around can do the trick!

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