Thrive Coach Training

Module 5: Tool #4 Active Antennae (Ears Open, Feelers Up!)


The purpose of the Active Antennae (Ears Open, Feelers Up!) tool is to empower you as a Thrive Coach to tune into your deepest intuitive knowing and deep listening abilities when coaching with your Thrivers. This tool is not so much seeing your Thriver with your eyes as it is feeling into your Thriver and his / her challenges and dreams with your own, in-built antennae. So, let’s activate our antennae!


The best way to think about the Active Antennae tool is that it will help you to notice the truly important elements or issues that your Thriver says (or sometimes does not say) to you.

Your Active Antennae will cause you to feel a kind ‘flash’ of insight or curiosity. When you feel this, this is your cue to ask your Thriver to tell you more about that particular comment or topic.

Your Active Antennae will lead you either to an obstacle that stands in your Thriver’s way or to a dream or goal that your Thriver wants to achieve but may not have yet become aware of or does not yet feel they can or deserve to achieve it.

Let your Active Antennae guide you more than your mind. Thrive Coaching is about hearing the unpsoken or tuning into the spoken things that are truly significant.

Activating your Antennae may take a little practice, but over time you will learn to ‘attend’ to each and every coaching session with a beautiful curiosity that serves your Thriver’s best interests and self.

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