Thrive Coach Training

Module 17: Tool #16 Taking Baby Steps


The purpose of the Taking Baby Steps tool is to enable your Thriver to move forward with positive changes or action towards their goals by taking… baby steps!

Often times when there is a goal or a change that you want to make in your life, it can feel overwhelming or unattainable.

By turning the goal or change into tiny steps, this makes each tiny step achievable, until one day your Thriver has realized their goal or made the change.


This tool is best used when you and your Thriver have explored and identified together a goal or a change that your Thriver wishes to make.

Ask your Thriver to chart out the steps they can take to achieve the goal or make the change. Have your Thriver write each step down. If a step feels too big, invite your Thriver to split that step into two or more steps so that your Thriver ends up in a whole bunch of teeny tiny steps.

The point here is to make the step so small that it is both easy and doable. Please note that this tool is not about a creating a ‘to do’ list.

It is about focusing on each single step to be taken and the excitement of taking one step at a time.

Once the first step is taken, the next one can be taken… and the next… and the next…

There are two main outcomes of the Taking Baby Steps tool:

1) Your Thriver will achieve the goal or change they have identified

2) Your Thriver will build his or her self confidence and self belief that he or she can achieve their goals and dreams!

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