Thrive Coach Training

Module 12: Tool #11 My Thrive Day


The purpose of the My Thrive Day tool is the support your Thriver in exploring and defining what their ideal, thriving day looks like.

This is to help them a) take small, active steps towards making their Thrive Day a reality and b) cultivating their Thrive Day as much as they can to build their future.


Invite your Thriver to ‘take a walk’ through a typical day in their ideal life.

This is an average, ordinary day - a work day or a school day - but it’s an ideal average, ordinary day.

Invite your Thriver to let their imagination run wild!

There are no restrictions, so your Thriver can dream up anything they want for their Thrive Day.

Once your Thriver has done this, check in with that their current ordinary day looks like.

What steps can your Thriver take to bridge the gap between their current ordinary day and their ideal Thrive Day?

Is there anything your Thriver can start doing? 

Is there anything your Thriver can do more of? 

Is there anything your Thriver can let go of?

This tool aligns closely with the My Mojo and the Action Brainstorming tools, so you can bring in these two tools too if it feels appropriate.

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