Thrive Coach Training

Module 4: Tool #3 Body Wisdom (Trust Your Inner Animal)


The purpose of this tool is to help your Thrivers become aware of their own innate navigation system and through this, to determine what’s right and true for them.

By tuning into their own inner guidance system, each Thriver can learn to use  their body as their greatest and most loved guide to point them towards the truest and best expression of the life that is ‘right’ for them.

Your body always tells the truth and always knows which direction is right or wrong, and learning how to tap into its wisdom is a tool that can be used in any situation throughout the Thriver’s life.


Ask / say to your Thriver:

“Can you think of a time where your brain told you ‘this is a good idea’ and yet you knew it wasn’t a good idea? And it turned out that it wasn’t a good idea.

Let’s go to that memory and take a moment to place ourselves there:

What were the smells, sounds, tastes, colors, feelings you felt in your body?

Remember how your body feels when it is saying ‘no’.”

Another way of empowering your Thriver to tune into their body’s wisdom is to say and ask:

“Think of a time when you were not happy. How did your body feel? Where did you feel that unhappiness in your body?

How does your body feel when it’s a ‘yes’? Where do you feel a ‘yes’ in your body?

Your body knows how to tell you ‘no’ and ‘yes’, and this is a very powerful knowing!”

You can also invite your Thriver to think of an animal that they really love. When they want to use their Body Wisdom, they can think about or ‘tune into’ that animal to help them remember their inner wisdom.

What animal do you love?

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