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Module 16: Tool #15 What Am I Taking In


The purpose of the What Am I Taking In? tool is to faciliate your Thriver’s understanding of what he or she is ‘consuming’ on a daily basis. By becoming aware of what your Thriver is taking in, he or she can then make a conscious decision to a) continue allowing it in, b) stop it coming in and c) choosing something else to take in.

This tool can also be used to explore and determine if your Thriver is taking in too much on a daily basis, with a view to cutting down their ‘taking in’ time and channels.


Invite your Thriver to take an inventory of all of the things he or she lets into their life on a daily basis.

What is your Thriver watching, playing, reading, listening to, talking about?

Invite your Thriver to think about all the channels through which all of this information is coming. Is it TV? Netflix? YouTube? Snapchat or another app? Video games? Any others?…

Once your Thriver has identified all of the channels through which information and / or entertainment is entering their world, ask your Thriver to think about the quality of what is coming through.

Is it helpful? If so, how? Is it harmful? If so, how?

What helpful channels, information and entertainment can your Thriver continue to tune into?

What harmful channels, information and entertainment can your Thriver turn off?

This applies to conversations with family and friends too. If it’s harmful, change the ‘channel’ and talk about something else!

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