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Module 15: Tool #14 My Thrive Team


The purpose of the My Thrive Team tool is to enable your Thriver to become aware of the people in their life whom they would consider to be ‘on their team’. Being on their team means that these individuals support them, cheer for them, help them, raise them up and ‘have their backs’.

It could be that your Thriver is not currently able to name many people on their Thrive Team, in which case this tool can be used to help cultivate new team members.


Invite your Thriver to write their name in the middle of a piece of paper.

Now ask your Thriver to think about all of the people in their life, for example:

Family members

Carers (foster parents or social workers)


Fellow students

Work colleagues

Pets (yes, animals count!)

Team mates (if they play a sport)

Anyone else

Now ask your Thriver identify those inviduals in their life who are truly on their Thrive Team. This means, as outlined above, that these people are those who will support your Thriver no matter what. Invite your Thriver to write down all of these individuals in a circle around them on their piece of paper.

If your Thriver is struggling to identify many or any people on their Thrive Team, then this can be a beautiful invitation to start forming some new connections and begin creating their Team.

For example, if your Thriver has a particular interest, then invite him or her to explore that interest… with a view to making new Thrive Team teammates.

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