Thrive Coach Training Kit Course


Welcome to the Thrive Nation Coach Training Program!  This training is for individuals and organizations that work with high school students and young adults (ages 16 -25).  

A nation where young adults thrive with passion and accountability for their strengths, wellness, community, and future”. The Thrive Nation vision is a result of many years of work in public sectors across the country, involving diverse communities, from the Alaskan Native People to Inner city Chicago, African American People, to rural and urban communities of all ethnicities.  We recognize the need to further support our younger generations to realize their potential and gain a solid sense of purpose, wherever they are in America and no matter their social economic background.

 In order to accomplish this vision, the Thrive Nation mission is to facilitate personalized one-on-one coaching.

This training program gives coaches effective tools and approaches to support young adults in a way that they are empowered to lead themselves in our ever-changing society.  Our philosophy is based on the understanding that everyone’s experience is unique.  Our approach and associated tools reflect this by using open-ended structures that allow young adults to own their future.

Feedback from a trainee:

 “I would recommend being trained or having this service in every place, whether it be work, sports teams… It’s a vital asset to implement or keep in our lives.  We all need it.”.

“I feel a lot more set and determined to take the next step in my life.”, from a THRIVER, a young adult who received Thrive Nation coaching.

Training Layout

This certificated training includes 30 contact hours and 20 practicum hours which can be completed in approximately 12 - 16 weeks.  The 30 contact hours are made up of 25 hours of group training where participants will learn and practice our approach and associated tools.  The remaining 5 contact hours are done in two group follow-up sessions and three one-on-one sessions.  The 20 practicum hours can be done in tandem with the contact hours.  At the conclusion of the contact hours and practicum hours, you will be invited to go through our certification process which includes a written exam and a coaching session with our trainers. 

We are excited to have you part of the Thrive Nation team and look forward to getting to know you and support you in this important work!

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