Thrive Coach Training

Module 10: Tool #9 Action Brainstorming


The purpose of this Action Brainstorming tool is to help your Thriver identify behaviors they want to start, do more of, keep doing, do less of or stop altogether. The ultimate aim of this tool is to empower your Thriver to take more positive action and less harmful action in their lives, all of which will help them move forward in a positive, focused, self-affirming way.    


Using the five categories listed at the bottom, brainstorm with your Thriver three things for each area.

It’s very important to support your Thriver with a gentle, compassionate, curious approach when completing each area as any one of the areas could leave your Thriver feeling inadequate or ‘not good enough’.

The point of this tool is to serve as an affirming, supportive lever for change, not a ‘big stick’ with which a Thriver can bash themselves for negative behaviors they’re currently demonstrating or positive ones they still haven’t started yet.

So let’s take some action!

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