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Module 18: Tool #17 Lightening My Pack


The purpose of the Lightening My Pack tool is to help your Thriver with everyday tasks in their life.

With five different ways your Thriver can lighten their pack, this tool can be used in any number of combinations. Once your Thriver knows each of the techniques within the tool, they can play with them and actually turn what are sometimes tedious tasks into fun activities!


If your Thriver does not already have one, ask him or her to write out a list of things they have to do.

Then ask your Thriver to identify those things on their list that feel easy and fun to do and those things that feel tedious or too ‘heavy’.

Share with your Thriver the five Lightening My Pack techniques:

1)  Chuck it: Put it down, discard it, simply don’t do it (as long as that is genuinely possible and will not lead to a detrimental or harmful outcome for your Thriver).

2)  Get Help: Trade or ‘share’ what needs to be done with someone.

3)  Make it Fun: Can you add a small, healthy reward? Can you add something (playing some music) that will make the task easier? Can you intersperse the task with something fun or pleasurable (dancing, petting or playing with a pet)?

4)  Create a Done List: What have you already completed? List all of the things you have already completed. This will bolster your sense of achievement and help you to keep going!

5)  Design your Own: Create your own strategy to lighten your load and share it.

When your Thriver is able to shift what feels tedious and cumbersome into something fun an enjoyable, the task will feel so much easier and will likely be done in no time!

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