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Module 9: Tool #8 What Do I Want


The purpose of this ‘What Do I Want?’ tool is to help your Thriver to explore and identify what they truly want for themselves and their lives.

Some of your Thrivers may already be clear about what they want, in which case you can use this tool to reaffirm that and get even clearer.

Some of your Thrivers will not know what they want, in which case this tool will become a powerful means to define their vision for themselves and their future.

Asking a simple question such as ‘what do I want?’, creating a vision for that and defining the ‘why’ behind the vision is an extraordinary combination for change and progress.


Invite your Thriver to spend some time thinking about their intentions, goals and dreams.

You can do this together during one of your coaching sessions or you can invite your Thriver to do it after the session as a ‘challenge’ for their next session.

You can use any, some or all of the following statements to spark your Thriver’s thinking about what they want:

This is where I am right now in achieving my goals. 

This is how I will feel when I achieve my goals.

When I achieve these goals, I will be able to do these new things.

 My life will have changed in these ways as a result of my commitment to myself.

Once your Thriver has reflected on these statements, invite him or her to consolidate all of their thinking into a single ‘What I Want’ paragraph or statement.

Invite your Thriver to use positive language and to have fun with their paragraph!

Also, it is important that your Thriver sets a timeframe for what they want, but to write their ‘What I Want’ paragraph in the present tense, as if it is happening now.

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