Teacher Course: No-Influence Mentoring

Lesson 1: Every Teacher a Leader and a Mentor (Released on 4/22/2021)

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The world is changing. Technology is advancing so rapidly, that the education system can hardly keep up. This new world is bringing unique challenges to classrooms everywhere. Students are inundated with information—countless voices telling them how to think, how to act, and how to fit in. This is why students are more stressed than ever before. As teachers, what can we do to help? How can we make sure our students are happy, stable, and successful?

In this lesson, Dr. Jacob will explore these answers by introducing you to No-Influence Mentoring. He will explain how this approach has helped numerous businesses, schools, and students around the world. We hope that it will come to help you as well!

For this lesson watch the following video by Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi and then proceed to the activities.

Reading Material

Read Chapter 1 from Dr. Jacob’s book, No-Influence Mentoring (Purchase Link), or download a chapter excerpt HERE.

Activities (submit work to team@leadaz.org for feedback!)

This week, review your class plan, teaching schedule and administration, find a way to enable students to decide the direction they want to take with the lessons and ideas taught. Identify the changes you made and write down your thoughts and observations on the difference it made to your classes.

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