Teacher Course: No-Influence Mentoring

Lesson 7: Teaching Patters (aka Natural Laws) (Released on 6/3/2021)

This is the third lesson about making life, home, and the classroom simpler. Students thrive with simplicity. They learn quicker, they take more accountability, and they learn to solve problems on their own. The final component to making life simpler is to teach natural laws. Natural laws are observable patterns that exist everywhere. 

In this lesson, Dr. Jacob will explain the seven most important natural laws that every student should learn.

Reading Material

Since we are still discussing the "Simplicity Structured" you can refer to the sample Chapter 6 from Dr. Jacob’s book, No-Influence Mentoring (Purchase Link), or download a chapter excerpt HERE.

Activities (submit work to team@leadaz.org for feedback!)

Identify one of the natural laws that is either new to you or that you would like to understand more. Do some research on this natural law. Observe this natural law in your dealings this week and also write down your observations.        

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