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Welcome to the No-Influence Mentoring Teacher Course! This course was created for teachers from portions of Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi’s latest book titled “No-Influence Mentoring”. 

Dr. Jacob is the author of the No-Influence Leadership Theory, a method originally developed to help large organizations around the globe improve project performance. This model has now become a leading strategy to help teachers nurture their student’s success through stress management, goal setting, and personal discovery.

Dr. Jacob has worked on 1,000+ industry projects valued at $2B+ with a 95% success rate. He has taught over 1,300 college students and 2,000+ high school students.

The core content of this course is made up of the first 9 lessons. Periodically, Dr. Jacob will expand the course content by adding a new topic, lesson and activity to complete. The course is designed to complete one lesson per week, but depends on how quickly you go through it.  It will teach you valuable lessons on how to better understand your students and how to assist them with becoming happier and more successful in life.

Good luck and enjoy!

Course Layout

Each day we'll start with an introduction of concepts Dr. Jacob felt were most important to highlight from his book (see lesson topics below). There will be a video recap from Dr. Jacob on a chapter from his book, along with a sample passage to read. Lastly, he has come up with activities that you can complete after each lesson. If you would like one-on-one mentoring from Dr. Jacob, he has created two options for those interested below.

If you would like to purchase his new book No-Influence Mentoring and use it as a study guide while you go through the course, please click HERE.

Prior to starting the course, please complete the Beginning Survey HERE. It will only take 5 minutes and will help us gain a better understanding of you. For any activities that you complete, if you would like comments from Dr. Jacob, send it in to and he will respond to you within 24-48 hours. As an additional resource, we have created a Parent Leadership Society Facebook page that we continue to add content you would enjoy. We encourage all our teachers and parents who love our material to join, interact with us and get involved. Check it out HERE. When you are ready to start the course, please scroll to the top and click on Teacher Course or click HERE and you will be directed to the weekly lessons.

Coaching with Dr. Jacob

Online activities are a great way to open the door to lasting success, but they are only the first step. We have found that the best growth happens when you have a coach to guide you.

Over a 9-week period, Dr. Jacob has created a low costing coaching option, where he will meet with you up to 4x over an online video chat for 30 minutes to discuss the concepts, what you’ve learned, and how to set and achieve goals on how to reach your students and see the improvements you are seeking.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours to schedule all your coaching calls with Dr. Jacob. Each call with follow the same structure:

At the end of successfully completing the program, you will receive an Executive Teacher Certificate of Completion with 9 hours of professional  development credit hours certified by the ADE. 

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