Parent Course: No-Influence Mentoring

Lesson 2: The No Rules Classroom Mentality (Released on 4/29/2021)

What is the purpose of making rules? Are rules for the teachers or for the students?

Dr. Jacob was raised in a strict, Japanese-American household. His parents enforced many rules and punishments, until Dr. Jacob turned 14. One day, Dr. Jacob’s father realized that he was controlling his children too much, and they lacked direction and motivation. He decided to abolish all rules. The Kashiwagi Family went through the paradigm change of parents being managers/teachers to being leaders/mentors.

In this week’s lesson, Dr. Jacob will share how his father made this change and how he and his family were affected by growing up in a rules-based household and then a no-rules household. You will learn how no-rules changes teaching and business environments. Footage for this week, comes from the Annual Best Value Conference.

Reading Material

This week’s reading is an excerpt from Dr. Dean Kashiwagi’s book, Information Measurement Theory (Download HERE).

Read his full story on the development of Information Measurement Theory (Purchase Link).

Activities (submit work to for feedback!)

While watching the lesson, write down questions, comments, or concerns that you have as you see the difference between the “Rules” and “No-Rules” environments. 

The easiest way to implement the No Influence Mentoring is in your personal life. Whether it is with your spouse, children, students or others you interact with. This week try to take something you learned from the lectures and implement with one person you interact with.

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