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Lesson 8: Understanding People

There are leaders and there are followers. However, while this may be true when it comes to a position or a title, there are many different definitions of a leader. For instance, there can be only one president of the United States, or there can be only one team captain. If everyone wanted to be the president or team captain, things just wouldn't work. But leadership is more than a position or title, positions and titles come and go; but to truly be a leader takes a specific mentality and lifestyle. How we live and how we treat others is a far better indicator of true leadership. Even an individual without any followers can be a leader.

Concepts Covered

Activity (submit work to for feedback!)

Look at yourself and identify one of your greatest strengths. Second, identify something you are not good at that you would like someone to help you with [May or may not relate to course goal]. Third, pick a family member or close friend and identify something they are good at that you can benefit from and something they are not good at that you can help them with.

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