Welcome to the Logic & Leadership Online Academy! For the next ten days, we will be releasing anew lesson every weekday. If you are in grades 7-8, you will proceed to the Beginner’s Course. If you are in grades 9-12, you will proceed to the Advanced Course.

Each of these courses will be around 2 weeks in length depending on how quickly you go through the lessons. Both courses will teach you valuable leadership skills and life lessons to help make life easier! The course activities can be found below each video. The Advanced Course uses footage and discussion from one of the highest rated Barrett, The Honors College courses at Arizona State University.

If you’d like more help or the opportunity to discuss concepts in greater detail, make sure to check out our coaching option. The coaching sessions will be through video chat.

Good luck and enjoy!

Courses Available

Prior to starting any course, please complete the Beginning Survey HERE. It will only take 5 minutes, and will help us gain a better understanding of you as a student. For any activities that you complete, if you would like comments from our professional leadership coaches, send your work in to Team@Leadaz.org and they will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Beginners Course

Advanced Course


Online activities are a great way to open the door to lasting success, but they are only the first step. We have found that the best growth happens when you have a coach to guide you.

As you complete the online program, you can work with an expert leadership coach (PhD certified, experience with over 2,000+ students).

With a coach, you can get on a 30 minute video call to discuss course concepts, personalize goals, and any topics you choose.

Option 1 – $150 | 3 Days  

Option 2– $300 | 5 Days

Upon purchase, an LSA coach will contact you within 24-48 hours. They will set a meeting schedule with the student and their parents and begin immediately. Each call will follow the same structure:

At the end of successfully completing the program, your child will receive a certificate of completion with 30 hours of professional leadership and development.

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