Beginners Course Lessons

Lesson 1: The Reliability of the Mind

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Although some things may be simple to us, in general, life has a way of becoming complex. There are so many things out there that we don't know and that we have to learn. To do this we are told from a very young age to think more, think harder, and the people we should strive to become are the decision makers in life. However, the application of these ideas end up creating confusion instead. As we are forced to think more and make more decisions in our lives, it becomes more and more stressful, because we begin to worry if we are making the right choices. Is there a way we can learn and succeed in life without the stress and worry?

In this lesson, we'll examine the human mind and its ability to think and make decisions.

Concepts Covered

Activity (submit work to for feedback!)

Identify examples in your own life when you were illogical, due to one of the weaknesses of the mind that we discussed:

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