Beginners Course Lessons

Lesson 5: Finding Success

What does it take to become successful? There are millions of books out there that will tell you what success is and how to get it. The problem is that many times there are differing opinions on the characteristics and actions that will help or hinder our success. As we learned in previous lessons, the more Natural Laws and conditions we understand the easier our life becomes and the better we are able to solve our problems, which in turn improves our lives. By understanding not only the process in learning these Natural Laws, but also the characteristics and actions associated with a person that understands them, we can get a better picture of how to become successful.

In this lesson, we will look into the process that each one of us goes through to learn the Natural Laws and conditions. Next, we will analyze two different types of people. Type A people [those who understand almost all the Natural Laws and conditions] and Type C people [those who understand almost NO Natural Laws and conditions].

Key Concepts

Activity (submit work to for feedback!)

Read through the following pairs of characteristics/actions, and Identify which characteristic/actions are more likely Type A and which are more likely Type C:

Next identify any characteristics or actions that you would like to change that would make your life more enjoyable. 

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