Parent Course: No-Influence Mentoring

Lesson 9: Third Principle of No-Influence Mentoring: Action Focused

Many people try to motivate others through encouragement, incentives, or even fear. No-Influence Mentoring proposes that individuals are in charge of their learning, growth, and motivation. The best way to help a child feel more motivated is by focusing on their interests, making it easier for them to learn, and helping them take actionable steps towards their goals.

In this lesson, Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi concludes the No-Influence Mentoring course by summarizing everything you’ve learned and discussing how you can help your children set goals.

Reading Material

Read Chapter 7 from Dr. Jacob’s book, No-Influence Mentoring (Purchase Link), or download a chapter excerpt HERE.  

Activities (submit work to for feedback!)

It’s difficult for children to change. To help you understand this challenge, this week’s assignment will be for you to practice changing. Think of a personal goal — it can be in parenting or it can be in any other area of life. Make sure the goal is measurable (use numbers to track progress). Each week write down your progress towards your goal. 

To help us assess how well the program has helped you and what to improve, please complete the End Survey HERE. It will only take you 5 minutes. 

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