Parent Course: No-Influence Mentoring

Lesson 8: Understanding the Cycle of Change

Happiness is different for everyone. It changes based on needs and circumstances. It cannot be given or prescribed. Happiness must come from within, but you can always help someone create their happiness. 

In this video, Dr. Jacob shares the secret to happiness: change. If a child wants to be happier, nothing will change if they always do the same things. By learning how to change their behavior, habits, or routines, they will learn what makes them happy, and they can develop lasting happiness from within.

Reading Material

Read Chapter 7 from Dr. Jacob’s book, No-Influence Mentoring (Purchase Link), or download a chapter excerpt HERE.

Activities (submit work to for feedback!)

If you want to change, you first have to imagine a different future for yourself (new circumstances or habits). This week, your assignment is to identify the change that you want to see in the relationship with your children. To do this, you need to identify what your relationship is right now and what you would like it to be. Keep this in a document that you can revisit each week to track your progress.   

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