2015 Best Value Conference Video Compilation

Led by the founder of the Best Value Approach, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, this conference provides the most complete education for any new or experienced Best Value practitioners. Learn the Best Value philosophy and process, accompanied with real life problems, case studies, and solutions.

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The 2015 Best Value Conference provides a unique education that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There are two parts to our education, which includes the learning of the methodology and then the application in the industry and business.

methodologyPart 1: Information Measurement Theory (IMT) – Methodology

IMT is a methodology that uses simple logic in order to understand complex situations and problems. This logic will help you to understand your organization, your employees , and yourself. This will enable you to save money, reduce stress, minimize risk and maximize profit for your organization. The core concepts that are taught in the conference are:

  1. The Understanding of Natural Laws to predict the future
  2. How to simplify complex situations
  3. How to identify and understand yourself and others
  4. How to resolve conflict at home and at work
  5. How to minimize risk through transparency
  6. The new leadership model of “No Influence”

Part 2: Best Value Approach – Industry ApplicationIndustry_icon

For over 20 years the Best Value Business Model has been tested and refined. It has now been utilized over 1,750 times to improve the performance of projects and entire organizations. In environments of “cost” consciousness and lean times, it is even more critical to learn these concepts, tools, and processes that have been proven to perform across many diverse industries. We will show you how to use this leadership-based model to decrease risk, stress, cost andmanagement requirements, and to literally transform your business. The core concepts that will be taught are:

  1. Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS)
  2. Performance Information Risk Management System (PIRMS)
  3. Utilization of Expertise
  4. The language of Performance Metrics
  5. Risk Management through Transparency
  6. Documented Case Studies

Title: 2015 Best Value Conference
By: Kashiwagi Solution Model Inc
Access: Online subscription to Video Footage
via KSMUniversity / downloadable PowerPoint (PDF) of all presentations
Video: January 11 – 14, 2015
Run time: ~10 hours (18 presentations)
Price: $250.00

 Day Title  Duration Speaker Description
 Sun Part 1 – Kashiwagi Family, Development of BV Approach  0:23:53 Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi Find out how Dr. Dean developed the concepts and philosophy of Best Value within his on home. With eight children and only two parents they switched from a control and rule based environment into a “no rules” system. The results are shocking.
 Sun Part 2 – Life Can’t Get Much Better  0:33:08 Isaac Kashiwagi What is it was like growing up in a “no rules” environment? With complete freedom and no punishments Isaac will go over the benefits and concepts he has observed in his childhood that  changed his life forever.
 Sun Part 3 – The Best Value Family  0:21:01 Joseph Kashiwagi The youngest of the eight children will tell his side of the “no rules” story. Considered the most spoiled and lazy of the family as a child, he will explain how immediate obedience to rules may cause long term damage to kids.
 Sun Part 4 – Kashiwagi Family BV Conclusions  0:30:15 Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi Comparison of the differences in the environments of a rule vs “no rules” household and how the Kashiwagi family made the transition. Learn what types of changes were necessary, what were the effects of  such a large shift and the leadership  required from the parents.
 Sun Part 5 – Relationship Lessons  0:14:42 Joseph Kashiwagi How does BV work within a marriage? Joseph hitting his one year mark with his wife explains how relationships can be strengthen and understood through releasing control, accepting reality and understanding oneself.
 Sun Part 6 – Applying IMT to the Kashiwagi Family  0:12:52 Isaac Kashiwagi Two major applications of best value in the Kashiwagi home but also in business. Learn how the use of transparency can increase performance and utilize the expertise of those around him.
 Mon Part 1 – Opening Speech, Best Value in the Supply Chain  0:45:28 Dr. Sicco Santema How best value concepts apply within the supply chain. Learn  the critical points of waste and how  the solution to optimize the supply  chain requires a change in paradigm  in the relationship and roles of buyers  and suppliers
 Mon Part 2 – Introduction to the Best Value Approach  0:32:14 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi Introduction of the core concepts of the best value approach and observations this past year. What does it take to increase performance?  How can we identify experts? And in  this new world of best value what is required of experts?
 Mon Part 3 – Information Measurement Theory (IMT)  0:45:37 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi The core principles and logic of Best Value through the Information Measurement Theory. IMT is the foundation for any expert. Learn the myths of ideas such as trust, randomness, and chance. Revealing how you can know everything without knowing anything.
 Mon Part 4 – Kashiwagi Solution Model (KSM)  0:31:37 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi How to identify who an individual is within minutes. Everything is predictable, including people. Learn not only how to identify who people are but how to understand and work with them.
 Mon Part 5 – Industry Structure and Standards  0:34:31 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi The source of low performance in any industry from IT services to construction. Exposing and breaking many of the best business practices being used, and present the simple solution to years of industry struggle.
 Tue Part 1 – Best Value Approach and PIPS  0:20:08 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi Introduction of the Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS). Learn how to reduce the risk of an inaccurate client budget and how to cost control any project. Emphasis on the core ideas behind PIPS that every client and expert should know.
 Tue Part 2 – PIPS Structure  0:42:50 Isaac Kashiwagi Take a detailed walk through the PIPS process and change in paradigm required. How clients select experts, how suppliers create plans and how to manage an expert for high performance.
 Tue Part 3 – Deductive Logic and Leadership, Reduction of Stress  0:16:21 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi Ground breaking research of best value stress reduction. Listen to incredible case studies of how the education and structure of best value concepts are being applied within high school, college, or business to improve performance.
 Tue Part 4 – Transformation Phase  0:17:39 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi Each year the Best Value concepts and processes are refined and improved by the constant research and lessons learned of practitioners.  Dr. Dean will relay all the  improvements made and the  reasoning behind them.
 Tue Part 5 – Train the Trainer Activities  0:59:27 Dr. Dean Kashiwagi Cover real problems faced by BV practitioners around the world and how to solve them using BV concepts with the founder of BV.
 Wed Part 1 – BV Approach Q&A with Ryan Abbott (Sundt)  0:34:15 Ryan Abbott Interview with Ryan Abbott, one of the most successful practitioners in the construction industry. Abbott explains the benefits of best value by showing the effects of transparency, honesty, and simplicity as the keys to improving performance.
 Wed Part 2 – Best Value in the IT Industry with Schuberg Philis  0:43:52 Arthur van Schendel and Janot van Wegen Arthur van Schendel and Janot van Wegen address the low performance of the IT industry and how their company Schuberg Philis plans on changing it. With the highest customer satisfaction in their sector and unbelievable performance they explain their application of Best Value Principles.